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West Virginia Creditor Harassment Attorneys

You’re David. They’re Goliath. We’re The Slingshot.

At Hamilton, Burgess, Young & Pollard, P.L.L.C.., we know exactly what sort of challenges the average person faces when difficult situations such as overwhelming debt or personal injury arise. Too often, the average person is up against an adversary who seemingly has all the time, money and legal resources in the world. When people find themselves in such situations, it can be hard to find hope.

This is exactly why the attorneys of our firm practice law. Our mission is to more than just level the playing field. We are dedicated to helping our clients bring the fight to the creditors and insurance companies that stand between our clients and the futures they are trying to secure. We bring more than 100 years of combined experience to the aid of our clients. We use that experience and the trial skills we have honed during those years to help our clients bring the big guys down to size.

We know that many of our clients come to us in times of real need. We are proud of how many people have chosen to depend on us for the help they need when times are their toughest. Given the number of clients who we have helped more than once and the number of clients who come to us by referral from past clients, we believe that we are providing a valuable service.

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When you realize that you are ready to fight for your rights, turn to the highly skilled and experienced West Virginia creditor harassment lawyers of Hamilton, Burgess, Young & Pollard, P.L.L.C.. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 304-574-2727, toll free at 888-279-7919 or simply contact us online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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